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including Remodeling’s Inside Information. 

We can make every one of Your Squarefeet in your Home beautiful, efficient, and value enhanced.  

white kitchen remodel, kitchen remodel, kitchen designWe are Design and Remodeling Professionals who have done it, or seen it all, over our many years of experience. We are your  source for those of you who want the right Designs, Construction Services, and even Information about the Real World of Remodeling…

This site speaks both to the brave souls that have the ambition to take on all or part of a remodeling project, but also have an idea of just how dangerous the remodeling world can be without the right advice that comes from the experienced Remodeling Professionals at Your Squarefeet.

We can also work with you on a full scale basis as your Designer and Project Manager to relieve you of any of the stress of the Remodeling process.

We can also be your Remodeling Consultant, Kitchen Designer, Bath Designer, Remodeling Designer – Consultant, and much, much more. Just explain your Project and what you need, and we will be happy to guide you.


Learn the Truths about the Real World of Remodeling:

No matter the size of your home remodeling project we will give you the Inside Information you need.

New Bern Home Addition, New Bern Home Design, New Bern RemodelingWe will let you know the important, Hard Learned facts and a few ugly truths of the remodeling world.  We will even tell you a few stories from our side.

We are not a “How to” company, you can find out how to build a deck or install tile anywhere.  We offer something much more important.  How to make your total Project Successful, no matter how big or small.

If  you’re considering a Kitchen Remodel, a Bathroom Remodel, act as your own General Contractor for a room addition; have your best friend’s cousin do the electrical for the cost of parts; or even order your plumbing fixtures from the internet for a new build….do yourselves a huge favor and keep reading. We will tell you the pro’s and con’s of DIY and most importantly, it’s value for a project.

We are local to the New Bern, NC area or we are always available on-line.

Home Remodeling is not for the weak, it has nothing to do with muscle, what you really need are nerves of steel!

Your Squarefeet can save you plenty of time, aggravation, and probably even more money than you can imagine.

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Happy Remodeling!

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