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Kitchens + Baths + Home Modifications and more…

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We can make each of Your Squarefeet in your Home

Beautiful, Efficient, and Value Enhanced.  


Kitchens + Baths + Home Modifications and more…

Jeffrey Court Tile, New Bern Kitchen Design, New Bern Kitchen Remodel

We are Design and Remodeling Professionals who are your source for those of you who want the right Designs, Construction Services, and  Information about the Real World of Remodeling…

We can help you with full scale Remodeling Services from Design thru remodeling

Or we can help you brave souls that have the ambition to take on all or part of a remodeling project, but also have an idea of just how dangerous the remodeling world can be without the right advice that comes from the experienced Remodeling Professionals at Your Squarefeet.

We understand the Remodeling world can be confusing in many ways, from Installation techniques to Product selections and more.

  Just explain your Project and what you need, and we will be happy to find a way to help you.

Good Designers can save you time, money, and best of all,

give your Home the beauty and efficiency you want.  All increasing the Value of your Home.

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