Bathroom Remodeling Ideas – Best Gadgets

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas – The Best Gadgets

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Evervue TV

One of the best Gadgets for Bathroom Remodeling has got to be the waterproof televisions! It’s great for people on the go who want their info any way they can get it in the morning, or for those who want to relax in the tub and watch their favorite show. Either way, we think it’s another tech marvel for bathroom remodeling.

Evervue is one of the leading manufacturers for these waterproof TV gems.  Per Evervue:

The Evervue Stainless Steel BN Bathroom HDTV is completely waterproof and meets all bathroom safety standards. Our unique low voltage system and high IPX5 waterproof rating ensures a resilient high definition picture even in the wettest of conditions. The Evervue BN HDTV has a brushed stainless steel front around the viewing area that is high S304 quality.These safe and durable qualities combined with its strong and modern design results in a top of the line product that is both safe and stylish.

All Evervue Stainless Steel BN Bathroom HDTV’s come with a heated fog free screen, built in high quality waterproof MISCO speakers and a floating waterproof remote control. This TV is available in silver stainless steel, making decorating your bathroom décor fun and effortless. Screen sizes are offered in 18.5”, 22” and 32”.


With the Evervue Stainless Steel BN Bathroom HDTV you will experience exceptional HD picture quality all from the comfort of your own bathroom. The LED panel is protected by a strong, durable, tempered mirror glass that provides a vibrant, high definition picture when turned on and then looks like a reflective mirror glass when turned off.


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