Bathroom Design

Getting Started With Your Bathroom Design

New Bern Bathroom Design, New Bern Bathroom Remodel,Whether you are going to use a Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer or any other way to design your Bathroom, you are actually the first step in the Design Process.  You need to gather your thoughts on the major components of your Bathroom Remodeling project.

Style & Design

  • What Style is your existing house and do you want your new Kitchen to blend with the existing architectural integrity?
  • Does the existing space, (footprint), of the Kitchen work for you or do you really need additional room?
  • Are you willing to examine to idea of a new floor plan if suggested?
  • What color palette is most pleasing to you, and are you willing to entertain new ideas?
  • How much do you really know about new products for style and efficiency and most importantly, product style interaction?

For additional info, go to Working with a Designer

  • Have you done current research on your Home’s value.?
  • Have you researched the average costs for Bathroom remodels in your area.
  • Have you researched top dollar ticket items, such as Plumbing Fixtures?
  • Have you researched the differences in cabinetry?

For additional info, go to Bathroom Budgeting

Your Squarefeet Remodeled Bathroom, bathroom remodeling, bathroom remodelDesigning Your Bathroom

There are a variety of ways to get your Bathroom designed.  You need to review these options and choose carefully for the good of your home and yourself.  Click on the Headings for additional information.

  • Kitchen and Bath Designers–  These designers may work for a Kitchen and Bath dealer/showroom or independently.  They are uniquely qualified and certified by the trade organization, the National Kitchen and Bath Association.
  • Interior Designers – some will work on bathroom layouts, it is best to check on how many they have done.
  • Contractors – some will work on kitchen layout, again, check to see how many they have done and look for style and design
  • Yourself there are mini CAD programs out there for bathroom/interior design.  Programs don’t teach you how to be a designer, they help you place cabinets on a page.
  • Big Box Stores– check out how much training they have


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