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Bathroom Flooring – Always Underfoot

Seems like there are constantly new options for flooring, so we are going to discuss the tried and true products that we love.  Performance is the major factor in flooring. Keep a good eye on the “wear factors” for whatever product you select.  Anytime you do room additions, remodeling bathrooms or modifications to your home, flooring issues impact the adjacent areas. So plan carefully with those areas in mind.

porcelain bathroom floor, bathroom flooring, bathroom remodelCeramic, Porcelain and Stone Bathroom Flooring

Any one of them is a winner, especially in bathrooms. Always do grout lines as small as recommended with the best stain retardent grout you can get, (we like Laticrete Spectralock), and even at that, still don’t do light colored grouts on the floor.  Florida Tile is again a great source for floor tile.

cork bathroom flooring, bathroom flooring, bathroom remodelCork Bathroom Flooring

If it’s aesthetically pleasing to you, it’s a pretty good product.  For bathrooms, it is a much warmer feeling than ceramic.  Today, there is a fairly wide variety of colors. It is listed as a “Green” product.  I tend to think it may be a bit on the trendy side.

Vinyl Bathroom Flooring

Definitely not what they used to be, these 12×12’s even come with grout lines when appearing to be ceramics.  They have been screenprinted 3-4 times so that they are all not identical, some even have textures.  Even their wood look-alikes are great !  We even prefer them to wood laminates. Worth a look.

hardwood bathroom flooring, bathroom flooring, bathroom remodelHardwood Bathroom Floors

The only hardwood I have ever seen recommended for bathrooms is Teak. Even with Teak, I am not sure as a Designer I would whole-heartedly recommend it.  I have reservations about the re-sale value.


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