Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom Lighting – Some Bright Ideas

bathroom chandelier, new bern bathroom designThe best I can tell you is that there isn’t much I don’t like. In architectural design, lighting fixtures along with hardware are the jewelry of a room. It’s those finishing touches that make a room come alive.


Home Lighting Options

As always, we have favorites.  Murray Feiss, Fredrick Raymond, Thomas Lighting,  and Seagull are probably the “go to” manufacturers for the standards. As with anything else, you get what you pay for – in lighting you will quickly see the differences.  Things are pretty obvious in metalwork weights or paint finishes, and even glass beads vs. lead crystals. If you are not familiar with the brand, be especially aware of buying on the internet when things are not so visible. You can always go to very established companies with great websites who handle many different manufacturers like Dominion Electric.  There, you can be assured of the manufacturers they represent.

For those special pieces, check out SchonbeckCrystoramaHubbardton Forge, and 2thousand Degrees.

Proper Lighting for Bathrooms

Make absolutely sure you have enough lighting for a newly remodeled bathroom.  If you are not sure, then over-do the lighting.  You need a lighting source in the:

  • Tub area, waterproof
  • Shower area, waterproof
  • Toilet area
  • Vanity area, overhead and direct, (overhead will cause face shadows, direct-such as sconces will properly light your face)
  • General ambient lighting – depending on the size of the room

Don’t forget ventilation, even if you have a window in your bathroom, still install a bath fan vented to the exterior.  Almost no-one opens the window.

Lighting Sources

Lighting sources are changing, even light bulbs are changing now. Between government regulations on energy and toxic waste problems, not to mention what consumers want, the lighting industry is in a state of flux.  There are many different “types” of light now, and depending upon their lumen output and their intended use, (ie., kitchen lighting), you may want to have a serious discussion with your designer about lighting your space.  The worst thing you can do is remodel a beautiful room and have poor lighting.

Whether it’s remodeling kitchens, room additions, or any modifications to your home, proper lighting is essential, better to be over-lit and use dimmers.


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