Bathroom Remodel Installation

Bathroom Remodel:  What really happens and who is working in your house?

Depending on where you bought your Bathroom Products from, may have a big impact on who is going to install them.  Here’s a review list to make it a little easier:

  • Kitchen & Bath Dealers/Showrooms – typically use their own employees or trusted subcontractors
  • “Big Box” Stores – typically use “Jobbers”
  • Appliances Stores & Plumbing Vendors – may use trusted subcontractors or “Jobbers”
  • CKDs – Typically use trusted Contractors
  • Interior Designers – typically use trusted Contractors
  • Hardware & Lumber Yards – typically refer you to their stack of business cards
  • Carpenters & Handymen- typically use more carpenters and handymen
  • Yourself – typically use friends and family

Bathroom Remodel – Jobbers

Called by many different names, piece workers, pick-ups, outsource, etc…many “big box stores”, kitchen remodelers, and general remodeling companies both large and small use them.

Let’s take the “Big Box” stores for example – they don’t typically directly employ any remodeling crews.  This saves on employee benefits, no taxes to submit, and no direct management of personnel. As a bonus, since they are not directly installing anything, they don’t have to be responsible to any home improvement governing agencies or hold any licenses like real Contractors on a job.

Many firms besides the Big Boxes use Jobbers.  Some of these companies have a trusted list of a select few crews that they use, some have a list pages long that have been approved by the corporate office and have never been seen in person.  If you decide to use a company that  does not have their own personnel, find out more about who your getting.

Most every General Contractors hire some subcontractors, but always has their own Project Manager and a couple of good carpenters.  But if you are having your bathroom remodeled and nobody knows the name of the guy who will actually be doing the work – is it time to rethink?

Bathroom Remodel – Employees or Trusted Workers

These options are probably the best you will get in the world of remodeling.  Of course the best is having employees of the Kitchen and Bath Dealer/Showroom install your Kitchen.  This means there is no question who is responsible for your project..  Your Kitchen and Bath Dealer/Showroom would need to be licensed as a General Contractor (a Home Improvement Licence), and must have Liability and Comprehensive Insurance as well as Workmen’s Compensation. If you can top that off with them having a Certified Kitchen Designer, you have found the best of all worlds,( of course after checking them out. )  This would mean one company would take care of the entire process!

Bathroom Remodel – Contractors

Generally, Interior Designers or CKD’s on their own will refer or hire a trusted General Contractor to install a Kitchen they have designed.  This is usually a pretty good system, but it can get entangled if a problem arises and the homeowner looks for monetary responsibility. Then things can get sticky. It is also a bit more complicated when there are change orders during the projects, simply because there are essentially two companies to deal with, and these two companies need to explain up front how the dollar aspects of these things work out for you.


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