Living with Your Bathroom Remodel

Living with your Bathroom Remodel

Managing Your Expectations

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Kohler Faucet

There is absolutely no getting around it, remodeling, especially Kitchen and Bath Remodeling is stressful.  Kitchen and Bath Remodeling is the most intrusive remodeling projects to a family home.  You essentially wind up living inside a construction zone.

The goal of living with remodeling is to:

  • minimize the impact on your daily routine
  • remodel with planning and efficiency
  • understand the construction process
  • understand construction procedures that will be happening to you home and how it will affect your routine and comfort levels
  • with proper communication, these issues should be able to be kept at a reasonable level.

There is one thing that no one ever believes how awful it is, that is the dreaded drywall sanding.  We have tried every method of protection out there, but drywall dust is insidious.  It gets everywhere. There is no getting around it, this is the worst part of remodeling, if you can get thru this, you have it made.

There will be other problems, no doubt.  In today’s economy, vendor’s don’t stock much of anything.  Almost everything is a long lead time, so if a part comes in wrong, it’s a much bigger problem than it used to be.

“Hidden Conditions” are the bane of remodeling.  Both for Contractors and Homeowners.  These things are usually items like termite damage revealed after demolition, inadequate existing structural support, water damage, asbestos, mold,  etc.  Homeowners wind up paying for the extra work and the extra work slows down the Contractor – which the Homeowner never understands in the end when the job takes longer than expected.

Change Orders are a unique aggravation to everyone involved.  Homeowners hate them because they cost them more money, (even if its for something the Homeowner has requested to add), and Contractors don’t like them because it slows the job down again and they really don’t make any money on them considering all the time and paperwork they take. It’s always best to select as many products prior to the start of the job as possible.


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