Prepare for Your Bathroom Remodel

You and your Contractor/Installer should have a Pre-Construction Meeting. This meeting should cover all the topics for you to prepare your house and yourselves for the remodel.

Your and your Contractor/Installer should have discussed a list that reviews these items:

  • Empty your Bathroom Cabinets – don’t put your stuff in the path where the worker will be using, make sure you decide this with your Project Manager or Lead Carpenter
  • Most  installers will require a staging and cutting area, usually in a garage space that you may have to dedicate to them for the project
  • Temporary Bathroom – lots of homes have second or third baths.  But if you happen to have a single Bath home, this can be tricky.  There’s no easy solution, you will have to work out a plan between friends, family and contractor.
  • Clearly mark any fixtures, fittings, or cabinets that are to be salvaged for you or relocated prior to any demolition
  • Remove artwork on walls and tables from adjoining rooms, cover all furniture with drop cloths
  • Discuss where plastic protection will be hung
  • Discuss how trash will be removed, ie, dumpster, trash truck and where it will be located
  • Discuss exterior protection of landscaping, sidewalks
  • Discuss covering HVAC ducts
  • Coordinate alarm codes and key access as well as names & phone #’s of who will be contacts and on your job along with an emergency phone number
  • Discuss any issues with pets
  • Discuss family schedules to be aware of, and construction schedules that are necessary for the work to be performed.
  • Inform your neighbors of the impending work
  • Discuss signage and placement


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