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Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered Wood Flooringengineered wood flooring

What to Look for

Three Common Classes of Engineered Wood Flooring Boards

Good, better, best
Engineered flooring runs the gamut from the low end, starting at $3 per square foot, to the high, at $14 and more. To judge quality, check the thickness of the “wear layer,” or top skin of wood; the number of veneers in the core; and the number of finish coats—all of which affect price and warranty. Typically, the more layers, the better. Below, see how the three common classes of engineered boards stack up.

Good: 3-ply construction; 1-2 mm wear layer; 5 finish coats; 10- to 15-year warranty; ¼ inch thick; About $3-$5 per sq. ft.; Options limited to common species, such as oak or ash, and just a few stains.

Better: 5 plys; 2-3 mm wear layer; 7 finish coats; 15- to 25-year warranty; ¼ inch thick; About $6-$9 per sq. ft.; More species, such as cherry, beech, and some exotics; all stains and a few surface effects, such as distressing.

Best: 7-9 plys or more; 3 mm-plus wear layer, which can be sanded two or more times; 9 finish coats; 25-year-plus warranty; 5/8 to ¾ inch thick; About $10-$14 per sq. ft.; Widest selection of species; reclaimed options; and more surface treatments, such as hand scraped and wire brushed.

Why Hardness Matters

The harder the top layer, the more resilient it is to dents and the longer it’ll keep its like-new looks. But hardness isn’t the only factor to consider. Dense woods with less grain, like maple, show dings more readily than a slightly softer wood with a bold grain, like red oak. And floors with little or no gloss are better at hiding scratches and wear. The chart below compares the hardness of popular wood species.

Ceramic Tile – Be Colorful

Ceramic Tile – Be Colorful!

Ann Sacks has a new line of ceramic tiles inspired by the lovely and colorful  traditions of Spain.  You can’t help but be transported to a vibrant world of sun and warm wonderful people that celebrate life in all it’s color and glory when you see their new Ceramica Pintada collection.

ceramic tile, kitchen remodeling, new bern
Ann Sacks Tile


The unsurpassed quality and execution of our Ceramica Pintada collection is evident at first glance. Inspired by the popular Cuerda Seca technique originating in Spain, each tile is handcrafted by skilled artisans. Available in a variety of designs and a myriad of colors to complement any interior.


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The Quickest Way to Perk Up Your Bedrooms

There are few things that I am absolutely opinionated about in design; and this one can bring  liveliness to any bedroom or any room for that matter,and its by adding a beautiful chandelier. I know what you all are thinking, that’s expensive, and…

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Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

Kohler Bathroom Remodel, New Bern Bathroom Remodel
Kohler Bathroom

Bathroom Remodeling can be a costly effort.  Remodeling is an expensive proposition and finances must be considered. Planning starts with establishing which direction you are headed, and why.

Bathroom Remodeling Analysis – Home Value and Resale

There’s never been a situation we have heard of where it does not pay back to have a Bathroom added or remodeled.  Bathroom remodeling is only second to kitchen remodeling when it comes to return on investment for your remodeling dollars.  Don’t hesitate to remodel a bath, just keep in mind what  will sell in your neighborhood, and of course, your own priorities.

The largest marketing sector of Bathroom Remodeling is considered, “Ageing in Place”.  Their are unique design considerations and product selections to be decided for this market, especially if you don’t want it to look “institutional”.

Type of Bathroom Remodeling Project and the

Decision Factors 

How do you decide what type of kitchen remodeling best for you?

  • Kohler Bathroom Remodel, New Bern Bathroom Remodel
    Kohler Bathroom Remodel

    Makeover – generally refers to new sinktops, painting, plumbing trim.these are generally quick fixes, mostly done for hateful colors or to put a house up for sale. If you are going to do this  , make sure you select a solid surface sinktop and neutral colors.

  • Re-Face – refers to covering over existing tub, tile, shower surfaces with a premolded vinyl product. This is probably just for re-sale.
  • Replacement-in-Kind – refers to replacing the entire bath, all components, in exactly the same layout. basically a full bathroom remodel but using the same layout you already have.  It’s always worth having a Designer take a look, there’s not much that can’t be improved upon if it’s 15-20 years old. If it’s a production home where every bathroom in the neighborhood is the same, you will increase your value with something different.
  • Full Bathroom Remodel – refers to total gut of existing. Then this becomes the best of all worlds, it takes full advantage of new Designand Products.