free delivery of appliance

Free Delivery for Appliances

Free Delivery for Appliances

Delivery is the second biggest problem you face when buying major appliances. It can be a major, time consuming hassle unless you know exactly what you are doing beforehand. We will show you the best way to sidestep many of the issues from scheduling to damage after the fact.

But let’s look at a seemingly unusual delivery that is more common than you think.

Look very closely at this picture:

free delivery of appliance

This is a LG washer dropped by FedEx to a house in Boston two blocks from where I live. Nobody is around, and it was left without a signature.

So how can they prove it was delivered? Better yet how can they also prove it was not damaged or even not a lemon. These are hard questions to answer for a website in South Carolina shipping to the middle of Boston.

However, if you think I will rant about cboosing free delivery from internet appliance dealers, then you are wrong. Sometimes it makes sense. There are well advertised advantages. However, there are less than transparent problems as well.

Free Delivery Advantages

Free Delivery is well….free. So it is an immediate savings of the $79 or more charge. If you are a contractor who has his own guys or just placing a fridge in the garage, it makes sense. In many cases, you can also save the taxes.

Now, the Problem

Appliance service is the only bigger issue than delivery. Let me tell you why. First have a look at the pic again for some basic issues for washers.

Couple of issues to consider:

  1. The washer is bigger and deeper than the existing, so delivery into a brownstone will not be easy for someone untrained
  2. You own the liability of connecting water. Water leaks are an insurance nightmare, so it has to be installed perfectly
  3. Appliances are more complex to install. LG has a new washer pedestal called the Sidekick. It has 34 different installation steps. That’s right…..34
  4. Moving the old unit up stairs can be just as hard. BTW, trash day in Boston is Tuesday and Friday


In a tough decision, we stopped free delivery 7 years ago. However, we were delivering heavier appliances like Sub-Zero refrigerators and pro ranges on softer, designer floors. Even that LG washer now frequently goes upstairs in a bedroom closet which can be as difficult to install in a tight closet.

It was apparent to me that we needed a well-paid professional mover who could deliver without damage to your property or the product. So we had to charge for it.

That team should be able to deliver, perform basic installation, and remove your existing, old unit as well as the trash. That is a complete delivery often with two or three competent people.

So You Think “White Glove” or “Titanium Added Delivery” is Worth it?

Think again, many of these services will not include climbing stairs. They will not uncrate or remove the old product. Simple connection is also not the norm, and many cases you will pay much more for White Glove type services. So here is what you need to do:

  1. You have to vet the entire process. How is it scheduled? Meaning how much time will you have to spend waiting? What are the notifications beforehand?
  2. A delivery is uncrating, bringing up the stairs, removing the old and reconnecting the new. You have to ask what the above includes and make sure it is placed on the invoice
  3. Here is an important tip. Never, ever sign for anything without completely inspecting the products for damage. When you sign, you will free the carrier and store of all liability

You should also protect yourself by checking the store on Google Reviews, Yelp and BBB for complaints.

Saving money is always a good idea, except when you end up spending more in wasted time and aggravation. Just do your due diligence beforehand.

originally posted by Steve Sheinkopf for Yale Appliances

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