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A Fishy Story

do unto others or yikes…



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Remodeling is tough

“What about that time they sealed up Cat behind the drywall. I swear it was an accident!!! I had no idea that Cat would follow that stupid catnip. He needs to dog-up, he was only in there for an hour before the guys heard all that whining, big baby.” Always troubles for me.

There are many ways of “collections and paybacks” in our industry. Some of them, a little nasty.  There was a drywall contractor that kept getting called backed by an Owner to go over and over and over different spots the Owner perceived as rough.  Apparently, the drywall contractor was pretty sure he wasn’t going to be paid by these people, so he took out insurance. What could that be you ask?  He put a dead fish he caught inside the wall, behind his drywall and sealed it up.  If he was paid, he would come back and take out the fish and repair the wall.  If there was no payment, the fish stays and decays and the sweet smell of revenge stays for a very long time. Hard Learned Lessons!

Now, I have never been able to figure out if this is an urban legend, but I do know every crew has a story to top it!

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