Home Remodeling Budget

Home Remodeling Budget

The worst thing about Home Remodeling is not sticking to the Budget.  It’s not totally hopeless.  With enough research, planning, design, and information, you can develop a comprehensive Budget for your Bathroom Remodeling Project, (just have at least 10% in reserve for the extras).


Ways to Control Your Home Remodeling Budget

  • Make a Wish List and a Priority List
  • Make a List of Alternates for the Wish List
  • Research prices
  • Select Products prior to start of Job and don’t make changes
  • Listen to the advice of your Designer & Contractor
  • Prepare for “Hidden Conditions”
  • Make sure you understand your Contract Documents
  • Make sure all labor, installations, and products are included in your Contracts
  • Don’t assume, ask


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