Home Remodeling Contractor – What to Know

Contractor’s Professional Maintenance – Your Most Important Product Review

Home Remodeling – General Contractors

    • Home Improvement Commission or the local regulatory commission (really check out any info they give you, they are sometimes not very thorough
    • The Contractor’s preferred Vendors/Suppliers, talk with the Manager (ie, lumber yards, plumbing supplies, etc.)
    • The General Contractors Subcontractor’s,  talk to them, payday is critical.
    • The Contractor’s Bank- sometimes they will tell you whether or not they are a “good” customer
    • Professional Associations – membership in NARI, NKBA, and many other trade associations implies professionalism.
    • For General Contractors – they should  be at least large enough to have a dedicated professional office space.   Truck & dog Contractors are usually not carrying the same insurances, licenses, etc..
    • References are really not as important as you may think.  No-one is going to give you the name & number of a reference who is going to give them a bad review.  On the other hand, you should see at least three projects to determine their quality of work.
    • Neighboring businesses, you would be surprised what the neighbors know.
    • Your best reference is always word of mouth.  But especially in this economic climate, things can change rapidly.                   

More Home Remodeling Contractor Tips…

  •  Contractor Reviewing Plans, home remodel, home remodelingA financial statement or a credit report & background check would be ideal, but of course, most will not allow it , neither would you.- Most “business agencies”, (even the so called trusted ones),  that review other businesses, get their information directly from the business they are reviewing, at least in our experience.
  • Most referral companies that say they have extensively reviewed their recommended list of contractors, just take the info submitted online from the Contractor and we magically become one of their trusted contractors.  We can also become a Top Trusted  contractor that pops up first in your area if we pay certain dollars, not that we are paying to be on the list…just that there’s administration fees and such.
  • One of my new favorites is these Top Ten Lists.  I couldn’t figure out why I had never heard of this Contractor before that was now on this Top Ten in the country according to the internet. So I tracked this whole thing thru, and after a long arduous search, they were awarded this distinguished title by an online, 2 page self-published magazine. I am always amazed at how “clever” people are.
  •  Equal to quality of construction, money management is critical for Contractors.  This industry exists on cash flow, and your project depends upon it flowing properly. When looking for any type of Contractor, their credit worthiness is just as important as their quality.
  • Homeowner’s play a critical part in this game also.  Holding up a large payment for something minor, or  even for larger issues that can be negotiated seperately, can severely impact your own project. Many Contractors may let this particular pain of vendors and subs needing their cash become yours. There are a great deal more messes to deal with also if you play too hard with cash


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