Home Remodeling Secrets

Home Remodeling Secrets

Most people believe that Home Remodeling is an expensive hassle and dread the thought of tearing up their house. If you Design, Plan, and Manage your Remodeling  Project correctly, your new space in your home will be a source of pride while increasing your Home’s value.


A Successful Home Remodel must include:

  • Design – you need to make sure you have the best Design for today’s lifestyle.   Evaluate existing and new area house systems, space planning, traffic patterns, and storage issues.  Determine what new products are best suited for aesthetics and function. Re-confirm all site dimensions and fittings and fixtures to be installed in project.
  • Product Selection – typically part of the design process. Try to make as many selections as possible prior to construction. It is best to have all materials on site before demolition.  If there are products that must be customized on site, confirm the materials are in stock. Try to get as musc advice as possible.
  • Planning – time is of the essence for remodeling, critical paths must be established.  Confirm with all parties the scheduling process.  Be able to be flexible and to adjust to site conditions and schedule changes because there will be changes. Have a contingency plan for “hidden conditions” for older homes. Reserve 5-10% above your original budget for Change Orders.
  • Management – make absolutely sure everyone involved on the project has exactly the same information, especially when there is a change. All Construction Contract Documents must be in order.

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