Home Remodeling Design

Getting Started Designing an Addition or Modifications

couple reviewing home remodeling contracts, home remodeling, home remodeling tipsWhether you are going to use a  Designer or any other way to design your project, you are actually the first step in the Design Process.  You need to gather your thoughts on the major components of your Home Remodeling project.

Home Remodeling Style & Design

  • What Style is your existing house and do you want your new Project to blend with the existing architectural integrity.
  • Have you  examined the floor plan and traffic patterns of the entire space in the home and how the addition or modifications will affect the whole plan.
  • What are the alternatives to adding on, are there inefficient existing spaces within the footprint of the existing home.
  • What are the options for adding another level to the home vs going out with additional foundation work.
  • How much do you really know about new products for style and efficiency  and most importantly, product style interaction
  • What Projects are most valuable for ROI in the Real Estate world
  • What color palette is most pleasing to you, and are you willing to entertain new ideas.

For additional info, go to Working with a Designer


  • Have you done current research on your Home’s value.  What will be the estimated value of the home post-remodeling.
  • Have you researched the average costs for project remodels in your area. Try Hanley Wood’s Cost vs Value Report on Remodeling by Sal Alfano
  • Have you researched top dollar ticket items, such as Windows and Doors
  • Have you read the Insiders Information and Hard Learned Lessons.

For additional info, go to Home Remodeling Budgeting.

Designing Your Home Addition/Modifications

There are a variety of ways to get your Project designed.  You need to review these options and choose carefully for the good of your home and yourself.

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  • Architectural Designers usually employed by top Contractors, they do the upfront work of Design Concepts and layouts
  • Architects usually independent in residential work, they will do they entire project from Concept through engineering and project management
  • Interior Designers some will work on layouts, it is best to check how much architectural work they are familiar with.
  • Contractors some will work on designs, usually they employ or subcontract some form of Designer
  • Yourself there are HomeOwner  CAD programs out there for design. Many of these programs lead you to believe they are professional CAD systems. Programs don’t teach you how to be a Designer, they help you place lines on a page.


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