Custom Home Design Retainer

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Custom Homes are always an exciting prospect.  With careful planning from a Design & Build approach, your budget is just as much a consideration as all other aspects of the Project.

We are local to the beautiful Eastern Carolina area, we generally serve areas within approximately 50 miles of New Bern, NC.

If you prefer to discuss your project further, please contact us for a Free Design Consultation (443 324 5081), or use our Contact Page.

Custom Home Design Retainer

  1. Please email for the Design Retainer:
  2. Design for a Custom Home               $ 3 per/sq ft
  3. Upon completion of Design Retainer you will receive Owner’s Instructions on how to provide us with site plans, etc.,  We will also require jpg photos by email.
  4. You will receive design concepts, floor plans, perspectives, and birdseye CAD for each floor. Working/Permit drawings will be additional services.
  5. We will provide one revisions, any additional revisions will be per hour.


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