Home Remodeling Advice – Hiring a Designer

Hiring a Designer

homeowner looking at home designs, home remodeling, hiring a designerWe touched on this a bit, but I can’t say it enough. For any size  Remodeling Project, first spend your money on a good, reputable Designer. We all know we like the high end consumer products; Mercedes, Gucci, Burberry, etc…the reason we admire them is they are functional and beautifully DESIGNED.

Design is everywhere, in every product you use, for every product you choose. We have all seen even small cottages that seem to have stepped out of a fairly tale – chances are there’s a great Designer behind that door.

A good Designer can take quality, moderately priced items and and improve the value of your home with great design both in function and beauty. Whether you  meet with a designer in person, or have an online designer, your project will reap the benefits.

Home Design is a unique and detail oriented profession that must balance the architectural commandments of form and function to the highest degree. It is the juxtaposition of fine design against working functionality that must be blended to create a beautiful, and practical Home  for Today’s Lifestyle.

A Home Remodeling Project can typically involve as many tradespeople as building an entire home.  Designers must be experienced with all trades that are involved in construction as well as constantly keeping up with all new products.

However you choose to remodel, always consider the value of a Designer.  The right Design and the right products can optimize your return on investment, in some areas, as much as 100% or more the first year, (see Cost vs Value for your area). Whether you  meet with a Designer in person, or have an Online Designer, your Remodeling project, and your Home,  will reap the benefits.


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