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Things You Must Know for a Successful Home Remodeling, Bathroom or Kitchen Remodel!

  • Buy the very BEST construction materials you can afford, shop at when possible for any kind of Remodeling project.  Actual construction vendors can be a great help to you. These people are trained representatives, not hourly workers with brightly colored aprons.
  • If you are not qualified for safety related parts of construction, (electrical, structural, etc.), hire a remodeling professional.  Don’t take chances with your house – it’s not worth it.  Note: think ahead about safety, permits, insurance, neighbors, resale, inspectors, etc.
  • If Design is involved, hire a Designer, you do not become a Designer with a computer program.  If your Design is inferior, your project, no matter how much you spend, will be inferior.  Note: No computer program can help you gain the same years of education, experience, and talent, as a good Designer.
  • If you even suspect the remodeling project may be too much for you, then you have already lost control, get help quickly.  Note: Know your limits, we all have things we are good at, and things we should get help for. Read our Hard Learned Lessons stories.
  • Don’t forget insurance and legal issues during a remodeling project, even on small projects. Litigation is rampant and insurance is tricky.  Note: Always talk to your Insurance agent when doing a substantial remodel, they can steer you away from tricky situations. Even with small projects, check out HOA policies, permits and zoning.
  • If you do hire any Contractors, and even small Vendors, make sure you check them out per our Professional’s Maintenance section.  Note: this is especially critical in today’s economy.
  • Cash is critical for Contractors and Vendors these days, pay attention to Deposits and Progress Payments per our Contract Highlights.  Note:  read, read, read, there are many pitfalls, even for DIY
  • Project Timing – make sure time frames are clear, especially if you’re a small for a Contractor, refer to our Contract Highlights.  Note:  if you are a “job filler”, you don’t want your project to take forever.
  • Lien Waivers make sure you get Waivers of Liens, even on small remodeling project jobs, they can save headaches and heartaches.  Note: Liens are a complicated world
  • Remodeling projects are very personal.  We are in your home, taking your personal money, dealing with your family – kids, dog everything.  We have been a part of people’s lives while they go through marriages, divorces and even funerals.  We know how stressful this process is, talk to us, communications with your Contractor and Designer will only help this remodeling  process go easier and you just might make a friend for life.

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Note: Remodeling Professionals want to make a decent, nice living like everyone else.  We want good and fair customers, and the Professionals strive for good and fair practices.  There is no big mystery when communication prevails. If you can’t communicate together, don’t work with that particular person or company.

Don’t make things hard on yourself. It’s your Remodeling Project!  Participate and work with your Designer and/or Contractor.

But, Scammers/ Con artists, whatever you call them, are in every service business,  and because this is a very personal business, this hits hard.

That is why Your Squarefeet Professional’s extend this information to the public. The safety measures that you can do will hopefully go even further to help you have a successful and Happy Remodel.







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