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Kitchen Appliance Styles


Kitchen Appliance Styles

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Other than function, appliances style is now a big factor in Kitchen design.

When remodeling kitchens, stainless steel in number one, and will continue to be very strong for a long time. It is the new neutral. Just be careful about what you are really getting when you are buying a stainless steel refrigerator. Some of the less expensive brands are simply a coating, some are very prone to fingerprints, while other have additives to help prevent fingerprints. Take note of the sides also. This is a huge issue – most people prefer not to spend the extra dollars on the built-in refrigerator, or even the counter-depth, (27″), but when your refrigerator sticks out 30″ or more and the sides are black and your have a white kitchen, you might have issues with your refrigerator. You will stare at it forever. Do your research and find the brands where the sides are silver or design a standard depth refrigerator to set back or splurge and get the built-in or counter depth if you think it will impact your design and make you crazy.

The second pet peeve is handles on appliances. Most people do not buy all the same brand, therefore, all handles will look different. Consider how different handle styles may look when your kitchen is finished. Some will coordinate better with others.

The third problem is color. There is quite a variety of stainless steel colors. Depending on their location in the kitchen, this may or may not be an issue.

One of our favorite appliance companies if Kitchenaid.  They have always made a terrific product that is a great value, beautiful design, and meticulously engineered.!


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