Graphics of cabinet construction

Kitchen Cabinets – Construction

Kitchen Cabinets – Construction

Are you sure you know the very basics of how kitchen cabinets differ from each other in both price and construction?

Graphics of cabinet construction

It all starts with the box construction, framed or frameless.  The American version has been framed for a very long time. Framed is a pretty descriptive term, there is an actual frame overlayed on the box from which the door is attached and the drawer is mounted.  Frameless is typically the European version.  No frame, the door is attached to the box itself, as is the drawer glides.  There are differing opinions about which is best for which application depending on which door style and which box construction, etc., etc., etc.  The key to this decision is back to actual box construction material.  You will want to find out if it is “all wood”, (by the way – there is no such thing, its really plywood), or which type of particle board or MDF – the types can vary depending on which price point you are in. You also need to consider Door and Drawer styles.  There are different construction methods as well as different hinging and glides that truly make a difference in both appearence and function. All of these factors determine how kitchen cabinets wind up in different pricing structures, ie., Custom Cabinets, Semi-Custom, Stock.

cabinet door construction

Kitchen or Bath Remodeling is something you only do every 15- 20 years or so.  You want to make sure you get it right.  Your best resource is a Certified Kitchen Designer.  Visit our website page about Kitchen Cabinets for a full review.


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