Kitchens – Family Love

Kitchen – Family Love

dad making breakfast


The great thing about Kitchens is that no matter how big or fancy they are, they are always where family members will spend their quality time together. Since it’s Father’s Day, maybe we can take a minute to bring back some of those childhood memories of Dad at breakfast in the Kitchen.  Mine was very traditional. Mom always made Dad and us breakfast every morning.  During the week, he always looked so handsome and proper in his business suit.  But on the weekends, he was up early and off to the bakery to bring us home a fabulous crumb cake or some other goodie for breakfast.  OK, he wasn’t of that generation that cooked back then, but in his later years after retirement, he learned how to fry an egg, and then there was no stopping him, he was king of the kitchen.  Well, maybe…, at least he thought so.

Kitchens can hold a lot of family love in them.

It’s all about the small things in life.


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