Free Initial Consultation – Design and Remodeling

Free Initial Consultation – Design and Remodeling

We would like to offer you a Free Initial Consultation on your Kitchen, Bath , or Home Design/Remodeling Project. We will need to spend a bit of time with you, at least an hour or more.  We will be exploring ideas and possibilities for your project, and understanding all your “must haves” and “would love to haves”, while guiding you through realities of construction and products. We know everyone has a “Wish List” for their project and we do our best to make that happen. Great Design is the key to a successful project.  A good Designer can even make a project with a very modest budget something special. If you decide you want to proceed with our Design Services you our Design Fee Schedules are posted within this website, just click the Links  for Kitchens, Baths, and Home.  

If you would like to begin with an appointment for your Free Consultation, you can use our Contact Us form or EMail Us at Our Contact Form is really the best for clear, concise information.



Home Additions/ Modifications and more

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We will review your Project at your home and discuss…

  • Design Concepts
  • Products & Materials
  • Construction Methods
  • Site Considerations
  • Budget Parameters
  • Architectural Integrity
  • Family Usage

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