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Kitchen Remodeling Advice

Cabinets, cabinets, cabinets….the choice seems endless. Except it’s not at all.  Advertising would have you believe there a tons of choices and vast differences between cabinets.  Not so much.  There are distinctive categories.  It starts at the least expensive, the RTA’s (Ready to Assemble), – this is the stuff you put together yourself, and to put it succinctly, you get what you pay for. Then there’s Stock cabinets, these you pull off the shelves at the Big Box stores, you just paid them for the assembly and maybe a bit better quality. Next is Semi-Custom Cabinets, now we’re getting somewhere, both in quality and price, but this level is for a Kitchen that means business. Of course the top of the list if Custom Cabinets, pretty much anything you want, with a price tag to match. All these cabinet categories have particular uses.  You first need to determine how you want and need your Kitchen to perform and for how long.  Then you can decide what category of cabinetry you should be looking at for your Kitchen remodel. Once you have your category figured out, then have the Kitchen Designer explain the nuances of that particular category of cabinets so you can be sure it fits your future.

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Historical Renovations – Mouldings, Real or Faux?

Faux Wood Beams, New Bern Home Design, New Bern Home RemodelWe at YourSquarefeet, have always been huge proponents of everything real. When it comes to Historical renovations, this is an absolute must.  But the bitter truth in remodeling is that great moldings and architectural details are very expensive, and worst yet, there are not that many craftsmen anymore that can handle the real stuff.  In recent years the “faux” mouldings and architectural details have been making huge strides in their product lines. Most of the mouldings and trimwork that are now recreated out of  a type of dense styrofoam product are difficult to spot as “faux” once they are installed and painted.  Some of them are stainable, but you really need a pro for this application to look good.  Trims that comes as pre-stained are probably the best if you want the wood look.  The trend now, mostly due to the economy, is smaller homes with better details.  Beams are back.  For a rustic effect , have them stained.  For a sophisticated coffered  look, go with paint.  Either direction, just make sure your ceilings are high enough and your beams are sized correctly. You never want your ceiling to feel low.

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Outside In – Screened Porches

Screened Porches

New Bern Screened Porch, New Bern Home AdditionsEven today, there is nothing quite like spending time on a porch watching the world go by, or in this case, watching the wildlife play.

Screened Porches have become an important room for remodeling.  We all want to spend time outside, but we do like to be comfortable doing it these days.  It’s especially easy when you use products like Azek, that are completely maintenance free, as well as a great fan from Fanimation.  Some people take these rooms to Three Seasons and have glass panels made up to slide into place when it gets a little too chilly in the north.   Of course if you have the budget, a fireplace would go a long way!

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Large Homes – Think about YourSquarefeet hRest in Peaceas reported on the, “Death of the McMansion.”

McMansions, also known as Garage Mahals…are houses at 3,000 square feet and up.

It was the building fashion in some cities and suburbs in the 2000 decade.  Huge, looming, expensive to heat and cool.

Did you know that the average home size in America in the 1960‘s was 1,200 square feet?

And that even in the 1980‘s it was only an average of 1,710 square feet?

But by the 2000‘s it had grown to an average of 2,330 square feet.

The building trends of the 2010 decade are expected to produce smaller, energy efficient homes.

Smaller even here in Texas, where “Go Big or Go Home” is a catch phrase!

But now what do we do with all these “Square Feet”?

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We, at Your Squarefeet, did not write this article above, but find this topic fascinating.  Obviously we saw this trend all along in new homes.  Remodeling followed suit by taking down walls for open concepts and adding large additions, sometimes larger than the existing house.

The issue we now have is supremely complicated.

But on the brighter side, things are changing.  Bungalows are back! Smaller spaces with lots of details, mouldings and porches out FRONT.  Smaller lots, this could actually develop into a Community instead of a Development!

Maybe there will be a silver lining after all.

Bathroom Remodeling – Elegant Baths

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Remodeling a Bathroom can be tedious, but in the end it will be one of the best things you have ever done for yourself and for the value of your Home.  Whether you choose an Traditional Design like this very Elegant Bath with a steeping tub surrounded by wood wainscoting and Italian marble, or you prefer a contemporary flair, check out all our info at for ideas and links to our favorite manufacturers for the latest and greatest products that we use in our jobs.  Even if you are a DIY’er, we can help you overcome any challenge and guide you in the right direction.


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