Kitchen Design Questionnaire

Kitchen Design Analysis Questionnaire

Certified Kitchen & Bath Logo, CKD, bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodelingThis sample analysis will be included as part of your client package from Your Squarefeet.  This is only one part of the process we use to create your design for your custom kitchen

Remodeling Kitchens is a very detailed oriented business. A fraction of an inch can potentially send the installation into a tailspin.  In the design phase, a good designer will know that every home has quirks no matter how well built, and how to make allowances for those quirks.  In kitchen design, function takes precedence over form, but a good kitchen designer can always make function beautiful. In the end, your new Kitchen remodel will increase the value of your home.

Define Your Kitchen Design Style

  1. Kitchen Remodeled by Your Squarefeet, kitchen remodeling, kitchen remodeling expertsWhat don’t I like about how my current kitchen?
  2. What is the architectural style of my home? Do I want to stay with this style or try something else?
  3. Is there a particular current trend you like?
  4. Is there a particular design theme I want to use?
  5. What colors do I like?
  6. What rooms adjoin the kitchen? Do you need or want to complement their design?
  7. Do you want to change any doors or windows?
  8. What are some products that I like?

Functional Kitchen Design & Kitchen Storage

  1. What do I like and not like about how my current kitchen works?
  2. What’s on the wish list of everyone who uses the kitchen?
  3. Keeping any existing appliances, if so provide greatest exterior dimensions, (height, width, depth).
  4. What type of new flooring do you prefer?
  5. Are the new cabinets going to be 42″ tall wall cabinets or others?
  6. Do I need a seated desk in the kitchen or a family organization center?
  7. Do I need more storage space for food products or dishware?
  8. Can I change the layout within the existing kitchen footprint, or do I need to add space from another room in the house or through an addition?
  9. Have you reviewed the items you actually use in your cabinets?
  10. Do you need a prep sink?
  11. Do you need additional refrigeration for beverages? (i.e., children, drinks, wet bars)
  12. What kind of electronics are required? (i.e., computer system, TV, security)

Kitchen Appliances and Cleaning

    1. Who is the primary cook?
    2. Is the primary cook left- or right-handed?
    3. How tall is the primary cook?
    4. Does the primary cook have any physical limitations?
    5. How does the primary cook prefer to work?
      • Alone
      • One helper
      • Multiple people visiting and/or helping
    6. Is there a secondary cook? If so, do the primary and secondary cook prepare meals together? What are the secondary cook’s responsibilities?
    7. Is the secondary cook left or right handed?
    8. How tall is the secondary cook?
    9. Does the secondary cook have any physical limitations?
    10. Do I have enough countertop space for preparing meals?
    11. Is my sink large enough? What about the dishwasher, is there a need for two?
    12. Do I need an additional sink or faucet?
    13. Do I need a bigger cooktop or oven?
    14. Do you prefer cooktop ventilators, wood hoods, microwave hoods?
    15. Do you prefer gas or electric appliances?
    16. What types of cooking appliances do you prefer?
    17. Are you aware of convection and halogen?
    18. Are the surfaces, finishes and appliances easy to clean?

Eat and Meet

  1. Do you prefer eating in the kitchen?
  2. Would you like a built-in booth or banquette?
  3. Do I want an island with room for dining on one side or end?
  4. Do you prefer a table and chairs?
  5. Do you plan to entertain frequently?
  6. What is your entertainment style—formal or informal?
  7. Do you typically cook the food myself or have the party catered?


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