Kitchen Design Retainer

Kitchen Design Retainer

Patty Filas, Kitchen Design, New Bern Kitchen DesignWe are local to the beautiful Eastern Carolina area, we generally serve areas within approximately 50 miles of New Bern, NC.  If you are already aware of our capabilities, and wish to proceed directly to our Design Retainer, please continue as directed below.

If you are Interested in On-Line Design, please note in your contact info and we will forward all the information you need.

If you need to discuss your project further, please contact us for a Free Design Consultation (443 324 5081), or use our Contact Page.

Kitchen Design Fees are as explained below:

(A) Design within existing kitchen room footprint $500

(B) Design with existing room footprint plus using 1 existing adjacent room =  $750

(C) Design with existing room footprint plus a new addition = $750  plus $4 per/sq ft for the addition to the home.  *

  • Includes On-Site Consultation and Site-Inspection
  • Includes On-Site Measurements and Photos
  • Review of Feasability, Priorities, Wish Lists
  • You will receive two different Design Concepts including: floor plans, minimum 2-3 perspectives, and birdseye CAD.
  • We will provide one revisions, any additional revisions will be charged per hour.
  • You will receive a Cabinet Legend with your final plan
  • All drawings will be prepared by Certified Kitchen Designer, member NKBA

*Note:  due to Online constraints, any home additions must be reviewed for roof lines, foundations, systems, etc, by the Owners Architect or General Contractor.  We can only provide the interior and wall layouts as information allows per the Owner submissions for On-line submissions.

Please tell us which Projects you are interested in, (ie; Kitchen, Bath, etc),  and briefly describe the type of Project you have in mind. We will contact you as soon as possible.  Thank you!

Go ahead  to our Contact Page and let us know if you are ready to proceed with your Design or you need a Consultation first.  We will be happy to help you.

If you have any questions, please call us at 443.324.5081



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