Working with Your Kitchen Designer

Kitchen Design Advice – Working With Your Designer

Getting to Know Your Kitchen Designer

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Our Kitchen Designer designed a dining place just for me. Some rude people say I can be messy.

The majority of Kitchen Design is that you and your Kitchen Designer should communicate and feel comfortable that everyone understands the particular goals of your Project.  This also a means a frank discussion about Budget, and what you can and cannot do within your Kitchen Budget.  Working with your Design at Your Squarefeet, will help you keep your Kitchen remodeling project on target for Planning, Budget, Design, and Installation

Discussions With Your Kitchen Designer

We believe in in-depth discussions on many aspects of your project.  Your Squarefeet will…

  • Discuss your Kitchen Design & Kitchen Remodeling Project at length together

  • Discuss style, architecture, function, & budget

  • Discuss how involved, or not, you want to be in the Kitchen Design process

  • Understand how your drawings will be presented (ie. CAD) for the Kitchen Design

  • Discuss Kitchen Design Fees for the layouts & material selections and/or Project Management fees if chosen

  • Discuss when Measurements and photos are begun

  • Discuss when Design Concept and Layouts are presented

  • Meeting and Reviews

  • Revisions to Layout, Final Plans,  Cabinet Legends, Perspectives

  • Material Selections & Alternates if any

  • Estimates and Proposal

  • Contract Documents & Specifications

  • Pre-Construction Meetings

  • On-Site Project Management (if contracted)

Having a qualified Certified Kitchen Designer  from YourSquarefeet

  working on your Kitchen Project

will give you the confidence, information,  and great

Design, Function, and Home Value for a truly successful Kitchen Remodeling.


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