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There are almost as many products in a Kitchen Design as are in your entire house. Product review and selection prior to Kitchen Remodeling are key to a expedited and successful design & remodel.

There really are too many products to give you a review on all of them, so we will give you an overall opinion on them as you click on the categories listed under this section.  If you have specific questions, feel free to Contact Us anytime.

Products are constantly changing with today’s technology, and it is always best to research products thoroughly as well as have good recommendations from your Designer and Contractor.

Many products have long “lead” times, (they are not stocked by vendors and must be ordered).  When you do select items, always find out what the lead times are for your products.  You don’t want a surprise like your faucet will be a lead time of four months, this could put a severe crunch on your project.  You might want to re-think a product like this if you knew the lead time.

Shipping costs are also a big factor these days.  We have paid freight costs for items that are as much as the items themselves.  Check shipping costs.

Replacement parts are probably the biggest issue to be aware of when it comes to purchasing products for remodeling.  There are a great many new manufacturers and products on the market all the time.  Not only can these products become quickly “trendy” or “date” your project, but they can be very difficult to get replacement parts for if things go wrong.  We like to stay with manufacturers that have solid reputations, and especially Made in America whenever possible.

Kitchen Sink, New Bern Kitchen DesignThese Product Opinions are based solely on our experience with products we have used or are very familiar with in our industry. We have used them for remodeling kitchens, room additions, and all types of projects. These opinions are to give you information that we as professionals really feel

about these products. For detailed and technical information, you should look to their trade/manufacturing association or the product itself if we have not provided a direct link.


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