Kitchen Plumbing

Kitchen Plumbing

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There are lot’s of plumbing manufacturers out there.  Many of the foreign ones have some really high end designs, and sometimes high price points to go with it.  This may be great for a splurge, but always consider the issue of getting parts if something goes wrong.  It can sometimes be a little difficult.

Recommended Kitchen Plumbing Products

We have always recommended Kohler and Moen products.  We have found them to be consistent performers, and their designs are up to the moment, as well as classic. Best of all, they are made in America. Even better, you can get parts easily if anything does go wrong.  I have even gotten a retrofit part for a Moen faucet that was eleven years old. They both have a wide range of price points and pairings that will be easy to match fixtures for Kitchens.  Ferguson Enterprises has one of the best websites and representatives for Kohler, (and many other products). They are great to deal with, and can ship a wide range of the country. 

Hint – don’t even try to match two different company’s colors for fixtures, unless they are really far apart and you have actual samples and not just card chips.

Kitchen or Bar Faucets


There are sooooo many styles you could easily make yourself crazy.  That’s why we recommend going with a name brand that’s trusted and within your budget.  There are a few “rules of thumb” that we generally use during selection time:

Kitchen Sink Faucets lots of people love the pull out sink head. Make sure you get one that has strong pull back. The less expensive ones don’t and they will drive you nuts.   If you go the traditional route with spray on the side, make sure you get the matching spray to the faucet and not just the standard.  In either case we always recommend either faucet be single handle, and absolutely include a soap dispenser.  So much neater than having the bottle of soap on your counter.  You can even have an extra one installed for hand lotion.

Don’t get a faucet that is oversized for the sink.  Faucets seem to be getting larger every day, for the “look” of commercial faucets.  But most residential sinks are not going  to be large enough proportionatly to relate to the faucet, making them look like a big tree stump.

Our favorites our Kohler, Moen, Blanco, and Franke. These manufacturers are trusted names and carry a wide variety of materials such as granite composites, stainless steel in different grades, copper, and more.

Prep or Bar Sinks

Again, keep in mind what you are really using it for, style or work.  You definately don’t want this too big or it will become an obstacle in the island.

Pot Fillers  very cool looking, but then where’s the pot emptier?




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