Kitchen Remodel Planning

Planning Your Kitchen Remodel

Explore all the Possibilities!

Planning Your Kitchen Remodel, kitchen remodel, kitchen remodelingKitchen Remodeling is a big project. The more Kitchen Planning you do, the more successful your project will be in the end.

Start by making a list of what bothers you about your existing Kitchen.  It can be anything from the shelves in the base cabinets being too shallow to no counter space next to the refrigerator,  Basically anything that you would like to see done differently, even if you don’t think it’s possible.

Then write down the Daily Lifestyle of your kitchen.  What happens in your Kitchen on a daily basis and who uses it for what. Does is need to have a desk area, or does it really just need an organization center for mail and calender.  Does the family sit at a breakfast table or do they always wind up hovering around the island? Watch and learn about your Kitchen’s Daily Lifestyle for better Kitchen Planning.

If you are going to do a full blown Kitchen Remodel, you should consider how much you really use your kitchen in comparison to adjacent areas of the home, ie, breakfast rooms, formal dining rooms, etc.  There is growing popularity to incorporate these spaces into the kitchen areas for more useful square footage for the Kitchen. You may also consider adding on to your home for additional kitchen space or Mud Room space.

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Mud rooms are important for a guy with big feet.

Storage an organization are always an issue for every Kitchen remodel.  A Pantry closet or Pantry cabinet system should be incorporated into every new Kitchen.  New kitchen cabinets have extensive organizational systems that increase efficiency tenfold. Research any cabinet line you are considering for these elements.

A lot of people really don’t know how to articulate their style or design.  We always tell people the best way to discover what your style is, is to go thru magazines an pull out pictures of kitchens that appeal to you without thinking about it too much.  Before you know it, you will have a pile of similar kitchens with similar style and design.

Kitchens are even more important spaces today than they have ever been in a home.  The traditional “Work Triangle” relationship of sink, refrigerator and range has given way to “Work Zones”.  Work Zones allow for larger areas for multiple people to cook  or participate in the kitchen activities.

How to Simplify Kitchen Remodel Planning?

Let your Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD) do it all, just give them your priority lists and wish lists and let them do what they do best. After all, you just hired a Professional!

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