Preparing for Your Kitchen Remodel

Preparing for Your Kitchen Remodel


You and your Contractor/Installer should have a Pre-Construction Meeting.This meeting should cover all the topics for Preparing for your Kitchen Remodel for your house and yourselves.

Have a list that reviews these items in preparation for your kitchen demolition and kitchen remodel:

  • Kitchen Addition, New Bern Kitchen Remodel, New Bern Kitchen AdditionEmpty your Kitchen Cabinets – don’t put your stuff in the path where the worker will be using, make sure you decide this with your Project Manager or Lead Carpenter
  • Most  installers will require a staging and cutting area, usually in a garage space that you may have to dedicate to them for the project
  • Temporary Kitchen – by now you will have decided where your temporary kitchen will be, (this may be your microwave, and refrigerator and coffee pot), and only keep necessary items there. Decide if and  how a temporary sink will be set up. Sometimes if there is a working sink on the same floor, you may opt to use that.
  • Clearly mark any fixtures, fittings, or cabinets that are to be salvaged for you or relocated prior to any demolition
  • Remove artwork on walls and tables from adjoining rooms, cover all furniture with drop cloths
  • Discuss where plastic protection will be hung
  • Discuss how trash will be removed, ie, dumpster, trash truck and where it will be located
  • Discuss exterior protection of landscaping, sidewalks
  • Discuss covering HVAC ducts
  • Coordinate alarm codes and key access as well as names & phone #’s of who will be contacts and on your job along with an emergency phone number
  • Discuss any issues with pets
  • Discuss family schedules to be aware of, and construction schedules that are necessary for the work to be performed.
  • Inform your neighbors of the impending work
  • Discuss signage and placement
  • Discuss Facilities for workers, ie. toilets, etc
  • Discuss communications – get all contact info and emergency number



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