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NKBA National Kitchen and Bath Association

NKBA National Kitchen and Bath Association


The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) is a non-profit trade association that promotes the professionalism of the kitchen and bath industry. Established in 1963 as a network of kitchen dealers, it has grown into the premier association of distributors, retailers, remodelers, manufacturers, fabricators, installers, designers, and other professionals. The NKBA’s certification program emphasizes continuing education and career development and includes designers and professionals in all segments of the kitchen and bath industry. The NKBA has become a valuable resource for both professionals and consumers.

Certified Kitchen Designers ckd, cerified kitchen designer

Have a minimum of 5 years experience designing residential kitchen and bath spaces. They are highly skilled in design, space planning and product selection and have extensive knowledge of building codes, flooring materials, appliances, and mechanical systems. They write specifications and draw plans that are easily interpreted by plumbers, electricians, and installers. A CKD must meet specific educational requirements and pass a comprehensive academic and practical exam. Completed a minimum of 60 hours of NKBA professional development programming. Passed a rigorous, two-part exam testing academic knowledge and practical skills. Be an expert in the NKBA Kitchen & Bath Planning Guidelines & Access Standards (31 kitchen and 27 bathroom planning guidelines), which recognize the importance of consumer health, safety and welfare in kitchen and bath design. Remain current on local building codes, safety and environmental regulations and the wealth of new products and equipment through ongoing continuing education requirements that mandate a minimum of 10 hours of continuing education every two years. Be skilled at assessing consumers’ individual needs and wants and creating designs that meet and exceed these requirements.

 Kitchen Remodel, kitchen remodel, kitchen remodeling

Certified Kitchen Designers make your Home

Functional and Beautiful!

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Kitchen Cabinets – Construction

Kitchen Cabinets – Construction

Are you sure you know the very basics of how kitchen cabinets differ from each other in both price and construction?

Graphics of cabinet construction

It all starts with the box construction, framed or frameless.  The American version has been framed for a very long time. Framed is a pretty descriptive term, there is an actual frame overlayed on the box from which the door is attached and the drawer is mounted.  Frameless is typically the European version.  No frame, the door is attached to the box itself, as is the drawer glides.  There are differing opinions about which is best for which application depending on which door style and which box construction, etc., etc., etc.  The key to this decision is back to actual box construction material.  You will want to find out if it is “all wood”, (by the way – there is no such thing, its really plywood), or which type of particle board or MDF – the types can vary depending on which price point you are in. You also need to consider Door and Drawer styles.  There are different construction methods as well as different hinging and glides that truly make a difference in both appearence and function. All of these factors determine how kitchen cabinets wind up in different pricing structures, ie., Custom Cabinets, Semi-Custom, Stock.

cabinet door construction

Kitchen or Bath Remodeling is something you only do every 15- 20 years or so.  You want to make sure you get it right.  Your best resource is a Certified Kitchen Designer.  Visit our website page about Kitchen Cabinets for a full review.


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European Design

European Design

european design for kitchens

If anything has a major influence on the European design duo and NKBA K+B Insiders Alberto Villalobos and Mercedes Desio’s approach to their work, it’s their diverse cultural backgrounds, travel and education that spans the globe. Alberto, born in Colombia, and Mercedes, born in Italy, both call New York home but always make travel a priority to stay inspired and on top of the latest trends. Their 2016 travels include Salone del Mobile and EuroCucina in Milan, Barcelona, Colombia, and Iceland.

Similarly to the fashion industry, European design continues to have a major influence on the kitchen and bath space with materials, trends and aesthetics that soon surface in North America. Mercedes and Alberto teamed up to share their favorite 2016 European kitchen design trends, taken from their own studies and recent trendspotting efforts abroad:

1. Mixing Materials to Create a Personalized Kitchen

Europe leads the charge when it comes to mixing finishes and materials such as glass, stone, rare marble, porcelain, wood—even leather—a trend that continues to inspire us. I still think back to my visit to the Minotti Cucine showroom this spring in Milan’s design district. They highlight materials through symmetry in kitchen design by adding stone or porcelain to the vertical or horizontal surfaces, and wood or leather to cover cabinets. Visual cohesion and symmetry can be created through the right mix of materials; it also creates a unique sense of visual texture to satisfy a more personalized taste.

Written by: NKBA K+B Insiders Alberto Villalobos and Mercedes Desio,Villalobos Desio, New York, NY

Hiring a Kitchen Designer

Hiring a Kitchen Designer

kitchen designer, kitchen design, kitchen remodel


For any size Kitchen Remodeling Project, first spend your money on a good, reputable Kitchen Designer. We all know we like the high end consumer products; Mercedes, Gucci, Burberry, etc…the reason we admire them is they are functional and beautifully DESIGNED.Kitchen Remodel, New Bern Kitchen Remodeling



Design is everywhere, in every product you use, for every product you choose. We have all seen even small cottages that seem to have stepped out of a fairly tale – chances are there’s a great Designer behind that door.

A good Designer can take quality, moderately priced items and and improve the value of your home with great design both in function and beauty. Whether you  meet with a designer in person, or have an online designer, your project will reap the benefits.

Kitchen Design is a unique and detail oriented profession that must balance the architectural commandments of form and function to the highest degree. It is the juxtaposition of fine design against working functionality that must be blended to create a beautiful, and practical, Kitchen for Today’s Lifestyle.

A kitchen can typically involve as many tradespeople as building an entire home.  A Kitchen Designer must be experienced with all trades that are involved in construction as well as constantly keeping up with all new products for the Kitchen and Bath Industry.

However you choose to remodel your Kitchen, always consider the value of a CKD Designer, (Certified Kitchen Designer).  The right Design and the right products can optimize your initial dollars and your return on investment, in some areas, as much as 100% or more the first year, (see Cost vs Value for your area). Whether you  meet with a Designer in person, or have an Online Kitchen Designer, your Kitchen Remodeling project, and your Home, will reap the benefits.

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Your Kitchen Designer and what you should Discuss

Discussions With Your Kitchen DesignerCertified Kitchen & Bath Logo, CKD, bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling

your squarefeet kitchen remodel, kitchen remodeling, kitchen remodel

Meet or talk with a Certified Kitchen Designer that you have pre-qualified with your research. This means your CKD, (Certified Kitchen Designer), is a member of the National Kitchen and Bath Assn., (NKBA.org),  and has been awarded the accreditation of a CKD.

  • Discuss your Kitchen Design & Kitchen Remodeling Project at length together
  • Determine if you communicate well together
  • Discuss style, architecture, function, & budget
  • Discuss how involved, or not, you want to be in the Kitchen Design process
  • Understand how your drawings will be presented (ie. CAD or other hand drawn) for the Kitchen Design
  • Discuss Kitchen Design Fees for the layouts & material selections and/or Project Management fees if chosen
  • Discuss when Measurements and photos are begun
  • Discuss when Design Concept and Layouts are presented by your Kitchen Designer
  • Meeting and Reviews with Homeowners
  • Revisions to Layout, Final Plans,  Cabinet Legends, Perspectives
  • Material Selections & Alternates if any
  • Estimates and Proposal
  • Contract Documents & Specifications
  • Pre-Construction Meetings
  • On-Site Project Management (if contracted)

Having a qualified Certified Kitchen Designer working on your Kitchen Project will give you the confidence, information,  and great Design,  Function, and Home Value for a truly successful Kitchen Remodeling.

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Basement Office Designs

Basement Office Designs

Basements Are a Great Place for a Home Office Having your own basement home office can be one of the best investments you can make. Being able to get all of your work done in a comfy, quiet place full of distractions is an easy way to increase your productivity….

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Kitchen Design Presentations

New Bern Kitchen Design

Most people have no idea what to expect from a New Bern Kitchen Designer as far as the actual presentation of the Design Concept.  In today’s world, probably 95% of kitchen design presentations are done with the assistance of Computer Aided Design programs.

But this does not mean that these programs can actually make a thoughtful design for you.  What it does do for the Designer, is let you view the scene from different angles, and makes it much easier to make changes for certain cabinets within the same design.  The professional programs that firms use are typically tied in to pricing programs as well.

The number one program out there is 2020 from Canada.  They have great visuals for both the Client and Designer.  So if you have a tough time with plain old blueprints, find a Kitchen Designer with 2020 CAD and you may be amazed at how realistic the graphics can be.kitchen remodeling, kitchen graphics, new bern kitchen design

kitchen remodeling, new bern kitchen remodeling, kitchen design

Get The Colors of Your Walls, Doors and Trims To Work Together

Have you ever walked in a room where you can feel there is something that is not right, about the color choices or combinations of wall colors and the trims and doors? Never did understand why the white trim and doors weren’t a good match with the chosen…

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The Quickest Way to Perk Up Your Bedrooms

There are few things that I am absolutely opinionated about in design; and this one can bring  liveliness to any bedroom or any room for that matter,and its by adding a beautiful chandelier. I know what you all are thinking, that’s expensive, and…

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Faux Painting

Fantastic Muralsfaux painting, bathroom remodeling

Faux Painting on the Professional level is a lot different than what I can do with a sponge.  A wonderful Faux Painter, (www.deelitedesign.com), did  this mural, (and this is only a small part of it), in a friends bathroom.  It literally transformed the space from a small dark bathroom to a coastal marshland.

These artists can work magic for any home, ( best of all, there’s not much mess).  They can create three dimensional objects or pictorials,( trompe l’oeil), that can appear to be a window scene where you don’t have one, or great crown moldings you’ve always wanted.

We have used these artists to customize kitchen cabinetry.  They can create rugs on old laminate flooring.  There isn’t much I haven’t seen them tackle.

So pass on the usual paint and wallpaper.  If you really want to freshen up a room without getting into construction, try a top notch Faux Painter.  You will love it!

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