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Your Kitchen Design

Your Kitchen Design

“One of the reasons we at YourSquarefeet love what we do is that our Kitchen Design makes such a huge impact on our customers lives. It’s not just a matter of having a new, beautiful kitchen. A new Design will make your space function better and improve the way people interact with their space, and subsequently with each.”

Couple Reviewing Kitchen Remodeling Design, kitchen remodel, kitchen remodelingYou want the best possible Kitchen Design for your Home and your cash investment…

Consider the impact of a great Kitchen Design to your Home in terms of Financial Value and Aesthetics. Kitchens are the most important space in a Home. In the Real Estate world, Kitchens are also the most valuable rooms in the Home. Investing in the right Designer can make the difference between a successful project or something else entirely.

A Certified Kitchen Designer at Your Squarefeet can help you re-evaluate your home for proper Design in relationship to the family’s needs, traffic patterns, spatial relationships, adaptive use of space, function, and of course – architectural and style considerations.

Not only does Kitchen Design involve careful planning, but also extensive research and building knowledge. Certified Kitchen Designers are tested to rigorous and relevant standards, much like certified public accountants or financial planners are tested for their industry competencies.

kitchen design

One of the primary reasons a homeowner turns to Your Squarefeet is to translate your vision—and often your unstated or unrealized needs—into a design that maximizes the functional use of space, desired resources and budget. We often hear from clients: “I never knew that was even an option to consider.”


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Hiring a Kitchen Designer

Kitchen Design Advice – Hiring a Kitchen Designer


Hiring a Kitchen Designer is the most important part of your Kitchen Remodeling project. Your Squarefeet will help you achieve your visions for a beautiful and efficient Kitchen while increasing the Value of your Home aesthetically and financially.

kitchen design,Kitchen Remodel, New Bern Kitchen Remodeling

Our Design Services Provide Everything:

Concept Drawings – minimum of two layout concepts

Custom Cabinetry Layout

CAD Drawings

3D CAD Renderings

Material Specifications

Color Consultation

Architectural Detail

Your Squarefeet Designers and Consultants can take quality, moderately priced items and and improve the value of your home with great design both in function and beauty. Whether you  meet with a designer in person, or have an online designer, your project will reap the benefits.

A kitchen can typically involve as many tradespeople as building an entire home.  At Your Squarefeet, we are experienced with all trades that are involved in construction as well as constantly keeping up with all new products for the Kitchen and Bath Industry.

Kitchen Design is a unique and detail oriented profession that must balance the architectural commandments of form and function to the highest degree. It is the juxtaposition of fine design against aga cooker, kitchen design ideas, new bern kitchen designworking functionality that must be blended to create a beautiful, and practical, Kitchen for Today’s Lifestyle.



Choosing the right design professional is an important decision for your project’s success.

  • Has demonstrated comprehensive knowledge in kitchen and bath design, as well as construction, mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems.
  • Adheres to a strict code of professional conduct.
  • Is an expert in the National Kitchen & Bath Planning Guidelines & Access Standards, which recognizes the importance of consumer health, safety, and welfare in kitchen and bath design.


Couple Reviewing Kitchen Remodeling Design, kitchen remodel, kitchen remodeling

  • Is skilled at assessing consumers’ individual needs and wants and creating designs that meet and exceed these requirements.
  • Remains current on local building codes, safety and environmental regulations and the wealth of new products and equipment on the market.

Above all, you must be able to relate to and trust your Kitchen Designer.  Your Kitchen is probably the most important room in your Home.  Make sure you invest in the right people as well as the right materials.



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Kitchen Design Ideas

Some of our favorite Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen Design Ideas are never ending, but the thing to remember is…. do these ideas relate to your home and your style? Things always look great in magazines, and on TV, that’s why they are there. It might be a different story when they are actually in your home.

The way some products work is also something you need to consider. My favorite example of this is the Vessel Sink. They look lovely, but they are a pain – especially the all glass ones.  You not only have to keep the inside clean, but the outside also.  Grime around where the sink is set into the countertop, UGH! Save these trendy sinks for a Powder Room only!

Anyway, when you see something you like, ask your Designer about it first – you will probably get some valuable information about realities.

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