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Your Kitchen Design

Your Kitchen Design

“One of the reasons we at YourSquarefeet love what we do is that our Kitchen Design makes such a huge impact on our customers lives. It’s not just a matter of having a new, beautiful kitchen. A new Design will make your space function better and improve the way people interact with their space, and subsequently with each.”

Couple Reviewing Kitchen Remodeling Design, kitchen remodel, kitchen remodelingYou want the best possible Kitchen Design for your Home and your cash investment…

Consider the impact of a great Kitchen Design to your Home in terms of Financial Value and Aesthetics. Kitchens are the most important space in a Home. In the Real Estate world, Kitchens are also the most valuable rooms in the Home. Investing in the right Designer can make the difference between a successful project or something else entirely.

A Certified Kitchen Designer at Your Squarefeet can help you re-evaluate your home for proper Design in relationship to the family’s needs, traffic patterns, spatial relationships, adaptive use of space, function, and of course – architectural and style considerations.

Not only does Kitchen Design involve careful planning, but also extensive research and building knowledge. Certified Kitchen Designers are tested to rigorous and relevant standards, much like certified public accountants or financial planners are tested for their industry competencies.

kitchen design

One of the primary reasons a homeowner turns to Your Squarefeet is to translate your vision—and often your unstated or unrealized needs—into a design that maximizes the functional use of space, desired resources and budget. We often hear from clients: “I never knew that was even an option to consider.”


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Investing in the right Kitchen Designer is investing in you Home’s Value

One of the reasons we at Your Squarefeet love what we do is that our Kitchen Designs make such a huge impact on our customers lives.  It’s not just a matter of having a new, beautiful Kitchen.  A new Design can function better and improve the way people interact with their space, and subsequently with each other.kitchen design,Kitchen Remodel, New Bern Kitchen RemodelingWe are Design and Remodeling Professionals for those of you who want the right Designs, Construction Services, and  Information about the Real World of Remodeling. We can help you with full scale Remodeling Services from Design thru Management. 

Or we can Design your project and help you brave souls that have the ambition to take on all or part of a remodeling project, but also have an idea of just how dangerous the remodeling world can be without the right advice that comes from the experienced Remodeling Professionals at Your Squarefeet. We understand the Remodeling world can be confusing in many ways, from Installation techniques to Product selections and more.New bern kitchen design, new bern kitchen remodeling Designers can save you time, money, and best of all, give your Home the beauty and efficiency you want.  All while increasing the Value of your Home.

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Comfy Couches in your Kitchen


Comfy Couches in your Kitchen

comfy couch

Forget bar stools and dining chairs: People are pulling living room furniture — whether comfy couches or upholstered chairs — into the same space where they cook and eat. Perhaps it’s a side effect of open floor plans, which have blurred the lines between the kitchen and the living and dining rooms. Sofas are a sophisticated way to separate spaces, after all, and beautiful banquettes and couches can create an instant breakfast nook where no built-in exists.

Or maybe it’s just an excuse to kick back while you cook. Either way, we don’t hate it. We’re all about cozying up the home, especially areas where you spend so much time. “Quite a lot of our customers do have couches and seating areas in their kitchens,” Zoe Parker of deVOL Kitchens tells CountryLiving.com. “I think the kitchen has become much less of a place to simply just prepare and cook meals, and more of a space for family and friends to gather and cook together and relax and chill out.”

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Wine Cooler for Small Kitchens

Wine Cooler for Small Kitchens

Inspired by space-saving European design, Vinotemp’s 7-Bottle Mirrored Wine Cooler is a standard industry height and depth, but measures just 5.8” wide. The cooler’s minimal footprint is complemented by a front venting system, making it an easy to specify, built-in wine storage solution. In addition to unique dimensions, the newunit also features Vinotemp’s patent-pending mirrored trim design, dual-pane glass door, vinotemp, wine cooleradjustable, touch screen temperature control and pull-out wire shelving. The cooler holds approximately seven standard wine bottles.

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NKBA National Kitchen and Bath Association

NKBA National Kitchen and Bath Association


The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) is a non-profit trade association that promotes the professionalism of the kitchen and bath industry. Established in 1963 as a network of kitchen dealers, it has grown into the premier association of distributors, retailers, remodelers, manufacturers, fabricators, installers, designers, and other professionals. The NKBA’s certification program emphasizes continuing education and career development and includes designers and professionals in all segments of the kitchen and bath industry. The NKBA has become a valuable resource for both professionals and consumers.

Certified Kitchen Designers ckd, cerified kitchen designer

Have a minimum of 5 years experience designing residential kitchen and bath spaces. They are highly skilled in design, space planning and product selection and have extensive knowledge of building codes, flooring materials, appliances, and mechanical systems. They write specifications and draw plans that are easily interpreted by plumbers, electricians, and installers. A CKD must meet specific educational requirements and pass a comprehensive academic and practical exam. Completed a minimum of 60 hours of NKBA professional development programming. Passed a rigorous, two-part exam testing academic knowledge and practical skills. Be an expert in the NKBA Kitchen & Bath Planning Guidelines & Access Standards (31 kitchen and 27 bathroom planning guidelines), which recognize the importance of consumer health, safety and welfare in kitchen and bath design. Remain current on local building codes, safety and environmental regulations and the wealth of new products and equipment through ongoing continuing education requirements that mandate a minimum of 10 hours of continuing education every two years. Be skilled at assessing consumers’ individual needs and wants and creating designs that meet and exceed these requirements.

 Kitchen Remodel, kitchen remodel, kitchen remodeling

Certified Kitchen Designers make your Home

Functional and Beautiful!

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Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered Wood Flooringengineered wood flooring

What to Look for

Three Common Classes of Engineered Wood Flooring Boards

Good, better, best
Engineered flooring runs the gamut from the low end, starting at $3 per square foot, to the high, at $14 and more. To judge quality, check the thickness of the “wear layer,” or top skin of wood; the number of veneers in the core; and the number of finish coats—all of which affect price and warranty. Typically, the more layers, the better. Below, see how the three common classes of engineered boards stack up.

Good: 3-ply construction; 1-2 mm wear layer; 5 finish coats; 10- to 15-year warranty; ¼ inch thick; About $3-$5 per sq. ft.; Options limited to common species, such as oak or ash, and just a few stains.

Better: 5 plys; 2-3 mm wear layer; 7 finish coats; 15- to 25-year warranty; ¼ inch thick; About $6-$9 per sq. ft.; More species, such as cherry, beech, and some exotics; all stains and a few surface effects, such as distressing.

Best: 7-9 plys or more; 3 mm-plus wear layer, which can be sanded two or more times; 9 finish coats; 25-year-plus warranty; 5/8 to ¾ inch thick; About $10-$14 per sq. ft.; Widest selection of species; reclaimed options; and more surface treatments, such as hand scraped and wire brushed.

Why Hardness Matters

The harder the top layer, the more resilient it is to dents and the longer it’ll keep its like-new looks. But hardness isn’t the only factor to consider. Dense woods with less grain, like maple, show dings more readily than a slightly softer wood with a bold grain, like red oak. And floors with little or no gloss are better at hiding scratches and wear. The chart below compares the hardness of popular wood species.


Black Stainless is the new Stainless Steel

Black Stainless is the new Stainless Steel

black stainless steel



In late 2015, several manufacturers came out with their take on black stainless, including KitchenAid, LG, and Samsung. Over a year later, the marketplace is even more crowded. LG brought Nate Berkus to KBIS to show of its LG Studio appliances in the color. “I can promise you, it’s the next big thing,” he said at a preview event. “There’s a warmth to it and a patina to it.” GE also had fridges in two new colors: matte black and its stainless steel color. Frigidaire also had a host of Gallery appliances in its version of the trend, which is actually more of a slate gray that the company says can mix and match with other manufacturers’ colors.

Read more: http://www.digitaltrends.com/home/appliance-trends-kbis-2017/#ixzz4W9A24cql

Kitchen Design can Improve the Value of Your Home

Kitchen Design can Improve the Value of Your Home

kitchen design. white cabinets

A good Certified Kitchen Designer, (CKD), can take quality, moderately priced items and and improve the value of your home with great design both in function and beauty.

Kitchen Design is a unique and detail oriented profession that must balance the architectural commandments of form and function to the highest degree. It is the juxtaposition of fine design against working functionality that must be blended to create a beautiful, and practical, Kitchen for Today’s Lifestyle.

A kitchen can typically involve as many tradespeople as building an entire home.  A Kitchen Designer must be experienced with all trades that are involved in construction as well as constantly keeping up with all new products for the Kitchen and Bath Industry.

However you choose to remodel your Kitchen, always consider the value of a CKD Designer, (Certified Kitchen Designer).  The right Design and the right products can optimize your return on investment, in some areas, as much as 100% or more the first year, (see Cost vs Value for your area). With the right Kitchen Designer, your Kitchen Remodeling, and your Home, will reap the benefits.

We would like to offer you a Free Initial Consultation on your Kitchen, Bath , or Home Design/Remodeling Project. We will need to spend a bit of time with you, at least an hour or more.  We will be exploring ideas and possibilities for your project, and understanding all your “must haves” and “would love to haves”, while guiding you through realities of construction and products. We know everyone has a “Wish List” for their project and we do our best to make that happen. Great Design is the key to a successful project.  A good Certified Kitchen Designer can even make a project with a very modest budget something special. If you decide you want to proceed with our Design Services after your consultation,we would enter into a Design Contract.  (Our Design Fee Schedules are posted within this website).

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Free Delivery for Appliances

Free Delivery for Appliances

Delivery is the second biggest problem you face when buying major appliances. It can be a major, time consuming hassle unless you know exactly what you are doing beforehand. We will show you the best way to sidestep many of the issues from scheduling to damage after the fact.

But let’s look at a seemingly unusual delivery that is more common than you think.

Look very closely at this picture:

free delivery of appliance

This is a LG washer dropped by FedEx to a house in Boston two blocks from where I live. Nobody is around, and it was left without a signature.

So how can they prove it was delivered? Better yet how can they also prove it was not damaged or even not a lemon. These are hard questions to answer for a website in South Carolina shipping to the middle of Boston.

However, if you think I will rant about cboosing free delivery from internet appliance dealers, then you are wrong. Sometimes it makes sense. There are well advertised advantages. However, there are less than transparent problems as well.

Free Delivery Advantages

Free Delivery is well….free. So it is an immediate savings of the $79 or more charge. If you are a contractor who has his own guys or just placing a fridge in the garage, it makes sense. In many cases, you can also save the taxes.

Now, the Problem

Appliance service is the only bigger issue than delivery. Let me tell you why. First have a look at the pic again for some basic issues for washers.

Couple of issues to consider:

  1. The washer is bigger and deeper than the existing, so delivery into a brownstone will not be easy for someone untrained
  2. You own the liability of connecting water. Water leaks are an insurance nightmare, so it has to be installed perfectly
  3. Appliances are more complex to install. LG has a new washer pedestal called the Sidekick. It has 34 different installation steps. That’s right…..34
  4. Moving the old unit up stairs can be just as hard. BTW, trash day in Boston is Tuesday and Friday


In a tough decision, we stopped free delivery 7 years ago. However, we were delivering heavier appliances like Sub-Zero refrigerators and pro ranges on softer, designer floors. Even that LG washer now frequently goes upstairs in a bedroom closet which can be as difficult to install in a tight closet.

It was apparent to me that we needed a well-paid professional mover who could deliver without damage to your property or the product. So we had to charge for it.

That team should be able to deliver, perform basic installation, and remove your existing, old unit as well as the trash. That is a complete delivery often with two or three competent people.

So You Think “White Glove” or “Titanium Added Delivery” is Worth it?

Think again, many of these services will not include climbing stairs. They will not uncrate or remove the old product. Simple connection is also not the norm, and many cases you will pay much more for White Glove type services. So here is what you need to do:

  1. You have to vet the entire process. How is it scheduled? Meaning how much time will you have to spend waiting? What are the notifications beforehand?
  2. A delivery is uncrating, bringing up the stairs, removing the old and reconnecting the new. You have to ask what the above includes and make sure it is placed on the invoice
  3. Here is an important tip. Never, ever sign for anything without completely inspecting the products for damage. When you sign, you will free the carrier and store of all liability

You should also protect yourself by checking the store on Google Reviews, Yelp and BBB for complaints.

Saving money is always a good idea, except when you end up spending more in wasted time and aggravation. Just do your due diligence beforehand.

originally posted by Steve Sheinkopf for Yale Appliances

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Kitchen Designer

Kitchen Designer

kitchen remodel

One of the reasons Kitchen Designer’s love what they do is that it makes such a huge impact on their customer life. It’s not just a matter of having a new , beautiful kitchen. A new Design can function better and improve the way people interact with their space, and subsequently with each.


Kitchen Remodeling is generally an expensive remodeling project in the busiest and most valuable room in your home.  A good, or bad, kitchen remodel can easily impact the value of your home.  An inexperienced person trying to design your kitchen can overlook a design solution or opportunity that can cost you functionality, aesthetics, sales ability and revenue from your home.

floor plan, kitchen designer
kitchen graphic, kitchen designer

One of the primary reasons a homeowner turns to a Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD) is to translate your vision—and often your unstated or unrealized needs—into a design that maximizes the functional use of space, desired resources and budget. NKBA designers hear it over and over from their clients: “I never knew that was even an option to consider.”

kitchen remodel, kitchen designer, your squarefeet

At Your Squarefeet,  Certified Kitchen Designer, (CKD), Patricia Daly Filas, is a Nationally Published, Award Winning Designer. She and her designs have been featured on HGTV.  She has been consistently selected as the Premier Designer for the Decorator Showhouses for Kitchen and Bath Remodels for the Baltimore Symphony and Historic Ellicott City Showhouses.  She is also a member in good standing with the NKBA and their continuing education program.  Patricia is also a licensed General Contractor

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